Mission Statement

Creating a broader world consciousness and a satisfying exchange between cultures are intrinsic to Cheppu from Himalaya’s mission. Our Nepalese artisans produce unique one of a kind pieces reflecting the care and tradition of their ancient cultures, while appealing to Western marketability. Your appreciation of the beauty of handmade products contributes to the success of our mission.


Giving Back

Education: Cheppu from Himalaya helps to provide sponsorships for students in need. We presently have 34 young Nepalese on scholarship programs throughout the country, ranging from Kindergarten to University, Nursing Programs, and Chartered Accounting Degrees. Cheppu from Himalaya supports individual students and also establishes direct relationships with students and Western sponsors.


Giving Back


Micro Credit: Cheppu from Himalaya founded a micro credit organization in 2013 to help facilitate indigenous farmer women in Nepal who expressed the desire to change from conventional farming to organic. It now has 150 members who have received training workshops on the micro credit system and short term loans. These farmer women have invested in vegetable farming, mushroom farming, animal husbandry (ducks, chickens and pigs), among others.

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Fair Trade

Cheppu from Himalaya was founded on the principle that fair compensation for crafts people can be successfully joined with reasonable prices and customer service. We are a member in good standing of the Fair Trade Federation and are committed to providing a fair living wage in safe and healthy working environments. Whenever possible we select products which are recycled or made from renewable resources. Cheppu from Himalaya strives to ensure the integrity of the journey of our products, from raw materials, to workshop, to you.


The Beginnings

The Roof of the World is an awe inspiring land that beckoned Cheppu from Himalaya’s owner Christine Kolisch in 1972. Surrendering to the magic of the Himalayas, she lived and worked in Nepal for 13 years. Eventually returning to the United States, she kept her close connection with the Nepalese people by designing clothing and handicrafts with the local artisans, and offering them in the West. Cheppu from Himalaya was founded in 1985 and has continued to support the belief that we are one global family with a richness of diversity to be shared.